OData Queries

The REST service on the BIG-IP® device implements a subset of the Open Data Protocol, which allows a user to refine a set of data based on query parameters. This is especially useful when limiting the number of results returned on a get_collection() call. The way to use these query parameters with the f5-sdk is shown below:


Filter example: Retrieve only http profiles in a particular partition. Note this is an inclusive filter.

mgmt = ManagementRoot('<ip_address>', '<username>', '<password>')
http_profiles = mgmt.tm.ltm.profile.https
http_profiles.get_collection(requests_params={'params': '$filter=partition+eq+test_folder'})

Select example: Retrieve only the name of the http profiles.

http_profiles.get_collection(requests_params={'params': '$select=name'})

Top example: Retrieve only a certain number of rows of results from http profiles.

http_profiles.get_collection(requests_params={'params': '$top=2'})