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BIG-IP® system dns module

class f5.bigip.tm.transaction.Transactions(api)[source]

Bases: f5.bigip.resource.Collection

This class is a context manager for iControl transactions.

Upon successful exit of the with statement, the transaction will be submitted, otherwise it will be rolled back.

NOTE: This feature was added to BIGIP in version 11.0.0.

Example: > bigip = BigIP(<args>) > tx = bigip.transactions.transaction > with TransactionContextManager(tx) as api: > api.net.pools.pool.create(name=”foo”) > api.sys.dbs.db.update(name=”setup.run”, value=”false”) > <perform actions inside a transaction> > > # transaction is committed when you exit the “with” statement.


Implement this by overriding it in a subclass of Resource


Implement this by overriding it in a subclass of Resource


Get an iterator of Python Resource objects that represent URIs.

The returned objects are Pythonic Resource`s that map to the most recently `refreshed state of uris-resources published by the device. In order to instantiate the correct types, the concrete subclass must populate its registry with acceptable types, based on the kind field returned by the REST server.


This method implies a single REST transaction with the Collection subclass URI.

Returns:list of reference dicts and Python Resource objects

Modify the configuration of the resource on device based on patch


Display the attributes that the current object has and their values.

Returns:A dictionary of attributes and their values

Use this to make the device resource be represented by self.

This method makes an HTTP GET query against the device service. This method is run for its side-effects on self. If successful the instance attribute __dict__ is replaced with the dict representing the device state. To figure out what that state is, run a subsequest query of the object like this: As with all CURDLE methods use a “requests_params” dict to pass parameters to requests.session.HTTPMETHOD. See test_requests_params.py for an example. >>> resource_obj.refresh() >>> print(resource_obj.raw)


Update the configuration of the resource on the BIG-IP®.

This method uses HTTP PUT alter the resource state on the BIG-IP®.

The attributes of the instance will be packaged as a dictionary. That dictionary will be updated with kwargs. It is then submitted as JSON to the device.

Various edge cases are handled: * read-only attributes that are unchangeable are removed

Parameters:kwargs – keys and associated values to alter on the device

NOTE: If kwargs has a ‘requests_params’ key the corresponding dict will be passed to the underlying requests.session.put method where it will be handled according to that API. THIS IS HOW TO PASS QUERY-ARGS!

f5.bigip.tm.transaction BIG-IP® system dns module