Source code for f5.sdk_exception

# coding=utf-8
# Copyright 2016 F5 Networks Inc.

# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""A base exception for all exceptions in this library."""

[docs]class F5SDKError(Exception): """Import and subclass this exception in all exceptions in this library.""" def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(F5SDKError, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]class AttemptedMutationOfReadOnly(F5SDKError): """Read only parameters cannot be set.""" pass
[docs]class BooleansToReduceHaveSameValue(F5SDKError): """Dict contains two keys with same boolean value.""" pass
[docs]class DeviceProvidesIncompatibleKey(F5SDKError): """Raise this when server JSON keys are incompatible with Python.""" pass
[docs]class DisallowedCreationParameter(F5SDKError): """Exception when partition is passed to create for guest resource.""" pass
[docs]class DisallowedReadParameter(F5SDKError): """Exception when partition is passed to load for guest resource.""" pass
[docs]class EmptyContent(F5SDKError): """Raise an error if the returned content size is 0.""" pass
[docs]class ExclusiveAttributesPresent(F5SDKError): """Raises this when exclusive attributes are present.""" pass
[docs]class FileMustNotHaveDotISOExtension(F5SDKError): """Raise this when file has ISO extension.""" def __init__(self, filename): super(FileMustNotHaveDotISOExtension, self).__init__(filename)
[docs]class GenerationMismatch(F5SDKError): """The server reported BIG-IPĀ® is not the expacted value.""" pass
[docs]class ImageFilesMustHaveDotISOExtension(F5SDKError): """Raise this when Image files do not have ISO extensions.""" def __init__(self, filename): super(ImageFilesMustHaveDotISOExtension, self).__init__(filename)
[docs]class InvalidCommand(F5SDKError): """Raise this if command argument supplied is invalid.""" pass
[docs]class InvalidForceType(ValueError): """Must be of type bool.""" pass
[docs]class InvalidName(ValueError): """Raised during creation when a given resource name is invalid.""" pass
[docs]class InvalidResource(F5SDKError): """Raise this when a caller tries to invoke an unsupported CRUDL op. All resources support `refresh` and `raw`. Only `Resource`'s support `load`, `create`, `update`, and `delete`. """ pass
[docs]class KindTypeMismatch(F5SDKError): """Raise this when server JSON keys are incorrect for the Resource type.""" pass
[docs]class LazyAttributesRequired(F5SDKError): """Raised when a object accesses a lazy attribute that is not listed.""" pass
[docs]class MemberStateModifyUnsupported(F5SDKError): """Modify of node with state=unchecked is unsupported.""" pass
[docs]class MissingHttpHeader(F5SDKError): """We raise this when the expected http header in response is missing.""" pass
[docs]class MissingRequiredCreationParameter(F5SDKError): """Various values MUST be provided to create different Resources.""" pass
[docs]class MissingRequiredCommandParameter(F5SDKError): """Various values MUST be provided to execute a command.""" pass
[docs]class MissingRequiredReadParameter(F5SDKError): """Various values MUST be provided to refresh some Resources.""" pass
[docs]class MissingUpdateParameter(F5SDKError): """Raises this when update requires specific parameters together.""" pass
[docs]class NodeStateModifyUnsupported(F5SDKError): """Modify of node with state=unchecked is unsupported.""" pass
[docs]class NonExtantApplication(F5SDKError): """Raise if the dos profile application sub-collection resource does not exist on the device. """ pass
[docs]class NonExtantPolicyRule(F5SDKError): """Raise if a rule does not exist on the device.""" pass
[docs]class NonExtantFirewallRule(F5SDKError): """Raise if the policy does not exist on the device.""" pass
[docs]class NonExtantVirtualPolicy(F5SDKError): """Raise if the policy does not exist on the device.""" pass
[docs]class OperationNotSupportedOnPublishedPolicy(F5SDKError): """Raise if update/modify attempted on published policy.""" pass
[docs]class RequestParamKwargCollision(F5SDKError): """Raise where requests parameter collides with a method parameter of the same name. """ pass
[docs]class TagModeDisallowedForTMOSVersion(F5SDKError): """Raise if tagmode is not supported for given TMOS version.""" pass
[docs]class TransactionSubmitException(F5SDKError): """Raise this when Transaction commit fails.""" pass
[docs]class URICreationCollision(F5SDKError): """self._meta_data['uri'] can only be assigned once. In create or load.""" pass
[docs]class UnregisteredKind(F5SDKError): """The returned server JSON `kind` key wasn't expected by this Resource.""" pass
[docs]class UnsupportedMethod(F5SDKError): """Raise this if a method supplied is unsupported.""" pass
[docs]class UnsupportedTmosVersion(F5SDKError): """Raise the error if a class of an API is instantiated, on a TMOS version where API was not yet implemented/supported. """ pass
[docs]class UnsupportedOperation(F5SDKError): """Object does not support the method that was called.""" pass
[docs]class UtilError(F5SDKError): """Raise this if command excecution returns an error.""" pass
[docs]class DraftPolicyNotSupportedInTMOSVersion(F5SDKError): """Raise when using Drafts in a legacy TMOS version Raise this if handling Draft work in a Policy class that is used by legacy, and current, versions of BIG-IP """ pass
[docs]class ConstraintError(F5SDKError): """Raise when a supplied value is outside the limits for that attribute.""" pass
[docs]class RequiredOneOf(F5SDKError): """Raise this if more than one of required argument sets is provided.""" def __init__(self, required_one_of): errors = [] message = 'Creation requires one of the following lists of args {0}' for require in required_one_of: requires = ','.join(require) error = '( {0} )'.format(requires) errors.append(error) msg = message.format(' or '.join(errors)) super(RequiredOneOf, self).__init__(msg)
[docs]class TimeoutError(F5SDKError): """Raised when hard-timeout (timeout keyword to ManagementRoot) is met"""